4 Jun 2013 What is cyclic prefix or why do we need the CP in LTE or for that matter in any wireless/OFDM system? The answer lies in the name itself. Cyclic 


Two types of Cyclic Prefix supported by LTE: 1) Normal CP (short CP). As shown above, if Normal CP is used in LTE and then there are 7 symbols in 1 slot(0.5 

CP based OFDM packet takes more time for transmission. 2016-07-27 For instance, the cyclic prefix configuration for 3GPP LTE chan ges within each sl ot, as shown in Table 1 . The CP length is based on an OFDM symbol with 2048 time intervals. You can also observe similar variable cyclic prefix structures in WiMAX systems. f For more information about the cyclic prefix configuration in 3GPP LTE, The LTE Toolbox™ product can generate and manipulate signals for the duplexing arrangements specified in the LTE standard. In LTE, downlink and uplink transmissions are organized into radio frames of duration 10ms consisting of 10 consecutive subframes, each consisting of a number of consecutive OFDM symbols, as shown in the following figure. Abstract—The Long Term Evolution (LTE) access technologies.

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http://www.exploregate.com LTE Cyclic Prefix stucture and objectives presnted by an industry expert in cellular networks provided by ExploreGate SixtySec. what is Cyclic Prefix? (CP) The cyclic prefix is a guard interval to protect the OFDM signals from intersymbol interference. It is the copy of last part of OFDM that is perpended to transmitted symbol and removed at the receiver before demodulation. To make OFDM insensitive to time dispersion, CP is inserted.

So, essentially, the receiver gets combined symbol from the 3 copies.

of the block. • “cyclic prefix (CP)”. – helps in channel estimation – known signal. 12. From: http://www.telecomhall.com/what-is-cp- cyclic-prefix-in-lte.aspx.

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